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November 1st, 2012

Israel should really be our fifty-first state. Romney Wins in a Landslide (at Least in Israel): What it Means

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In New Jersey, let’s see if there is POLE DANCING over .

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Three new girls a week for months from . One had to be named Sandy.

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All that moaning must’ve Menendez complaining when the girls asked for cash up front.

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. The sex wasn’t what was loud; they were just negotiating over the price.

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A national treasure passes on, was unjustly maligned during life.Arthur R. Jensen Dies at 89; Started Debate About I.Q.

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Paging James O’Keefe, paging. via @CNET

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I’d like Judy Chu to “cease&desist” from being my congress lady. Chu sends cease, desist letter to candidate… via @KPCC

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mboyle1 Wow. Sen. Menendez hits Gawker.

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In honor of , I ate Dominican food tonight and left a generous tip. I did not sleep with any of the waitstaff.

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Totally gay that gays don’t like DeMaio… In San Diego, Gay Republican Finds He Can’t Count on Gay and Lesbian Vote

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Extracurricular Activities by Charles C. Johnson - City Journal… from @CityJournal

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BuzzFeedAndrew Newt. Moon Colony. End of Story. RT @7im: what were your favorite election memes?

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lachlan Weird. RT @AoSHQ: For Some Reason, Bob Menendez Refuses To Release His Travel Records From ‘Round Easter This Past Year

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KatMcKinley OMG, Horrifying! In Libya in a bloody bathroom on mirror in a thin layer of ash is written,”I am Chris from the dead.”

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dmartosko NRSC: Menendez may have broken Senate ethics rules, federal campaign finance laws with alleged Dom… [by @mboyle1]

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BuzzFeedAndrew Hurricane Sandy brought pieces of the old Cleveland Browns/Indians stadium out of Lake Erie.…

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Ever Wonder How Obama Got into Occidental College? We May Have Found the Answer… via @theblaze

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Keys2funk @ToddKincannon Menendez was appointed in 2005 to “fill a vacancy.” I don’t think it meant the vacancy between a Dominican hooker’s legs.

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accused GOP opponent of , but he’s the one that stiffed ladies of the night.

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DLoesch He’s a single man, he can do what he wants. Just don’t lecture about equal pay, & shortchange your hookers.

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“And meeting beautiful, smart, socially adept women here is not an easy task.” on Harvard, not Dominican Republic. @AliciaMenendez

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