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November 6th, 2012

CAbobcat Prop 30 soaks the taxpayers for crappy teachers and politicians.

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I apologize I did not do everything I could to stop this.

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There’s nothing that makes me sadder than having predicted Obama’s victory.

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SamFeistCNN Getting questions about Florida. CNN will most likely NOT call Florida tonight. They have stopped counting in Dade County.

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“The first thing we must do is never repeat the lies of the regime.”—Vaclav Havel.

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jtLOL You know who this helps? The estate of Ayn Rand.

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adamcarolla I’m sure Obama will make a great president. I can’t wait for him to get started.

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We need more conservative journalists; fewer pundits.

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Go and pray for the health of our Supreme Court Justices.

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Krauthammer: The problem is that Romney spoke “conservative” as a second language.

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Romney: “I wish all of them well.” Me: I don’t.

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realDonaldTrump Whoever wins today, remember that tomorrow we still have a country struggling. Our work is not done until America is strong again.

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I am disappointed the bitter clingers didn’t come through.

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Good thing I bought those guns. Yeah, I’ve been watching too much Revolution.

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I wanted to cook Big Bird. Alas.

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AaronBlakeWP Voters in Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana. No state had done that.

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okmaher I have not yet begun to fight.

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“May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.”—Mal

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Democrat spin: Anyone against the electoral college is RAAAACIST!

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Regroup conservatives. We have work to do.

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philipaklein Romney today & Reagan in 1980 won white vote by 20 pts. But whites went from 88% to 73% of electorate

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Demographics is a motherfucker.

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@jamespoulos Drive down those polls numbers, friends.

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It has always been more important to defeat Obama-ism than to defeat Obama.

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When are Republican suits going to learn that people don’t want to just talk economics? They want to take the future.

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It’s over. Join the resistance.

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Here comes the GOP civil war. Pick sides now.

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Calling it now. Romney loses.

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BernardGoldberg I said Dick Morris is either insane or a political genius. Guess which I think it is tonight?

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Report: People Trading Gas For Sex On Craigslist « CBS New York

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