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November 12th, 2012

I’m a Catholic hardcore carnivore. I don’t even listen to the Church about meat on Fridays. I’m definitely ignoring to the L.A. City Council

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Whenever my internet is slow, I want to go back in time and kill Al Gore so he can’t invent it.

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Deval Patrick is going to be Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.

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@DavidWilezol When writing: nothing I love more than copyediting other people’s work; nothing I hate more than copyediting my own.

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asymmetricinfo I feel like if a male author had shown up on Daily Show in tight club clothes designed to show off biceps, someone woulda remarked upon it

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Secession? You must be joking. Let’s out breed ‘em instead. Our side has more children. E pluribum unum.

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eduto Obama’s Quota Quest by Jennifer Gratz and Charles C. Johnson - City Journal… from @CityJournal

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Why We Lost…How Romney got out-organized by Obama « Hot Air… via @hotairblog

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KRMullins1964 Allen West says he’s willing to “go to war” over the voter fraud in Florida. Words you’ll never hear from Boehner or McConnell.

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