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November 30th, 2012

BOOM! Israel responds to UN/Palestinian vote by authorizing 3,000 settler homes in West Bank and East Jerusalem

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John Roth wins Holocaust award… once compared Reagan to Hitler and Palestinians to Holocaust Jews.…

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washingtonpost Susan Rice’s high-school nickname: “Spo”

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Leftwingers made up a race story about @JamesOKeefeIII but think exposing @AmbassadorRice’s college views about whites are off limits. Why?

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@ronlieber Apparently so. Then again most of New York’s laws when it comes to housing are pretty dumb. Rent control is so 20th century.

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Good for this dude. RT Caught on tape: Possible AZ Powerball winner in Maryland - CBS 5 - KPHO…

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@dambisamoyo How does someone get an interview with you?

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@jtLOL Looks like @rushlimbaugh was right. Obama is Santa. RT I’m keeping “naughty and nice” list for Congress members

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In interview, Susan Rice explains role in WH decision-making; ‘People know not to mess with me’…

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MelissaRNMBA CLASSY ~>Rice gave the middle finger to Richard Holbrooke in a meeting of senior State Department staff - the Washington Post

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nakedsushi Meat dodger vegetarian wrap from Hot Red Bus.

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@EWErickson I have a scoop for you. How do I get you the information?

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@EWErickson @kerpen I’d prefer living in any of those three places to living in Palestine.

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I need someone in England for a very quick project. There’s money involved.

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