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December 18th, 2012

has bullshit-itis, a known problem for State Dept. diplomats. I used to get it right before a paper was due.

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PatDollard Denver and Connecticut made two things very clear: the U.S. mental health system is a joke that leads to murder.

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Irony abounds: , Obama’s would-be pick for Treasury, got his first start at @MittRomney’s Bain & Co.

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should copy @MORMONorg ad campaign to make gun ownership normal and to point out that an armed society isn’t something to fear.

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@raybury They need to offer video. Look at the I’m a Mormon campaign.

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should do daily feature on someone whose life was saved by a gun. That’s the only way to educate people.

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NRA needs to do a daily feature on a person who uses a gun for self- or family-defense, not capitulate.

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From a friend: “All this talk of illegal guns. I prefer to call them undocumented.”

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260 black kids were killed in Chicago over three year period; 20 white kids were killed in . Is racism behind lack of coverage?

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occdissent 260 black children were killed in Chicago over a three year period. Stop the violence. Disarm black people

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Corrupt used govt. to help her fiancee get $75 million tax give away for aquarium that was never built.

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richglasgow Mark Levin: “How Come Obama Did Not Mention Fort Hood?” | RealClearPolitics…

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Why we don’t trust liberals on gun policy. They are ignorant fools.…

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Be honest: covering the white kids slaughtered in and not the black ones in Chicago or the brown ones in Mexico is racist and gross

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The problem is not the left butthe right which is not confident of its own views.

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@Newsninja2012 we need to ban overachieving needs obviously

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Wouldn’t it be nice if CALPERS cared more about taxpayer guaranteed massively underfunde pension obligations than politicizing guns?

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gabrielmalor @Timodc Happens to L.A. all the time. You learn to ignore it.

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Timodc Embarrassing how DC shows like Homeland don’t even try to accurately depict DC. Does this happen to NYC? 2nd rate…

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What if we get to new Earth and discover James Cameron and Avatar have already been living there?

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Hey remember when Hillary Clinton was the greatest sec of state evah?

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@Chuckwalla1022 @thedailybeast @nytimes @mboyle1 Ny times investigate wal-mart for bribing mexicans, not Holder for helping to murder them

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@thedailybeast @nytimes nytimes investigates wal-Mart not murder of Mexicans with Fast & Furious.

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Left likes to limit fun: first the big gulp; now the high capacity magazine

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