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December 30th, 2012

My mother in law bought me a nice coat. .

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@JTWordsmith Let the world end and the party go on and on and on.

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Every patriot needs to watch this. NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina: via @YouTube

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Sandy Hook Shooting: I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother - @Gawker…

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I am so excited for the fiscal cliff, another nonstory manufactured by the media. Apparently not just the Mayans have doomsday predictions.

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There’s a Monica joke somewhere in that Hillary had a blood clot working for Obama and not from her husband.

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wikileaks Swedish politician, Carl Rove friend, accused of fraud, treated to month-long trip by US embassy

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michellemalkin MT @MindMuddy: : I know you have a headache, but Syria is sending Iran weapons and the Middle East is still on fire.

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HeyTammyBruce Amazing how libs pull more concern & self-righteousness out of their pants for a blood-clot than they did for a raped & murdered ambassador

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Sorry I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is ill. I haven’t seen the doctor’s note.

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Come on, Hillary! You are supposed to get sick right before the Democrats nominate you, not before you have to testify on .

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If a woman pushes a man to his death doesn’t she hate him? Woman Charged With Murder as Hate Crime in Fatal Subway Push

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BradThor Considering that both train pushing murders in NY were committed by minorities on minorities, where’s call for a natl conversation on race?

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BradThor Racist MSM would be all over the 2 NYC train pushing stories if the killers were white, rather than black & hispanic:…

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I know quite a few black people but I have never met one who celebrates Kwanzaa. Have you?

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