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January 2nd, 2013

@ToddSeavey Funny you should say that my fiancee asked the same thing! He is a werewolf, after all.

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davereaboi Glenn Beck? Evil. Muslim Brotherhood? “Al Jazeera founded w same goals” of Current. INSANITY.

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There’s deep irony in that a Twight actor was caught pissing in public @LAX_Official Twight pissed on the public.

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I bet these guys are law abiding, NRA members… Not. RT Caught on camera: gunfire erupts in St. Louis on NYE…

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Everyone who was a big supporter of Paul Ryan needs to apologize after his vote the other day.

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Too funny. Who would pay? RT Andrew Sullivan leaves Daily Beast for paid content model…

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Timodc I hear Spitzer is huge in Oman.

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