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January 28th, 2013

No f’ing way is Gayle King a former girlfriend of Cory Booker. She is 15 years older.

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I miss RT China Sex Tape Scandal: 10 More Officials Fired After Videos Emerge In Extortion Attempt

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@AshtinRigali @marcorubio Name an issue that Rubio has led on that isn’t a pander to the left. I’m left scratching my head.

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that @marcorubio is not a friend to conservatives.

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ShaneWikfors Awesome idea @hughhewitt! Lets include vouchers 4 DREAMER kids as part of immigration reform. It’ll keep ‘em from being indoctrinated by AEA

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michaelmcneely ally could win .’s seat

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amylutz4 I’m going to do something CRAZY and avoid commenting on the GOP’s immigration bill until I’ve read it.

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@JulianLives What’s bigoted about enforcing the law, by the way?

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@JulianLives Puedo hablar espanol y tengo muchas guns.

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@JulianLives Yawn. Got anything else? I’m not of the generation that does white guilt.

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I am personally committed to defeating everyone involved in this latest attempt at amnesty because I have lived it in California.

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Everyone nowadays is an entrepreneur. So why isn’t everyone enterprising?

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J. J. Abrams is officially king of nerdom. He controls and @starwars. Say isn’t that a violation of the prime directive?

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Because Call of Duty showed Pakistani intelligence officers working with Al-Qaeda…RT Pakistan bans video games…

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Shouldn’t have brought the coke, sweetheart RT British woman, 56, appeals Indonesia death sentence -The West Australian…

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I would have out bid the cops had I known RT Rocket launchers surface during Los Angeles guns buyback via @NBCNewsUS

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@FinancialTimes @Walmart, which has driven down the cost of tens of thousands of household items and made the lives of the poor better

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@MaritsaTzimas @FinancialTimes @google I love @Apple products, but let’s be real here. Google has changed the world many times over.

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Those G.O.P. Senators pushing amnesty want to elect a new people, not pursue an American citizen friendly policy.

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AP MORE: Timbuktu’s mayor says that Islamist extremists torched library containing historic manuscripts. - VW

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Ah, but what kind of seasoning is halal? Egyptian Muslim University: It’s OK to kill unbelievers and eat them!:

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