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February 2nd, 2013

KurtSchlichter I am not a Skeet Truther. I am a Skeet Mocker, because I think his transparent attempt at gun credibility ought to be soundly mocked.

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Gabby_Hoffman To get the latest updates on the prostitution story, follow @ChuckCJohnson.

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Democrat on : Give drug cartels guns in ; f– children in Republic. And yet you vote ‘em in.

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@davidplouffe Hey, david, baby. When you say let the photoshop conspiracies begin… it probably means you did it.

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Notice, friends, that Obama doesn’t show you what he shot, only THAT he shot, making it about him, rather than the Second Amendment.

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Even firing a gun Obama looks like a bitch.

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Today’s terrible idea from GOP suits RT With Brown out, GOP mulls Romney energy via @ShareThis

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Hack alert: Conservative twitteratti said wasn’t story in Nov.; now can’t help tweet all about it.

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@mboyle1 @secupp @MarcACaputo ya s.e wanted just to talk about . We r owed apology. Won’t hold my breath.

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Gabby_Hoffman Does it cover Dominican prostitutes?

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’s insights into the Hispanic community are priceless.” — . Actually they are cheap and hands on.

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@secupp @MarcACaputo Hey I seem to remember you saying this wasn’t a story… @mboyle1

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Will follow suit? RT Japanese singer shaves head after sex scandal via @AJEnglish

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Why is Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) following a very young-looking Dominican girl on Twitter?…

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