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March 3rd, 2013

I, for one, hope that Kim Jong Un spends more time shooting hoops than nukes, especially as Obama and Hagel want to abolish nukes.

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Questions for Dennis Rodman: if Nk is great, why are its citizens a full six inches shorter than SK? Hard to play bball when you starving…

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Don’t lose your head over Prince Charles’s possible reign. That was Charles the First’s job.

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Something tells me that the former Miss Delaware is smarter than the former Mr.
Delaware, Joe Biden.

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The Miss Delaware scandal proves how great welfare works for foster kiddies.

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I am endorsing the former Miss Delaware for higher political office. I believe she could defeat RINO Mike Castle & that witch lady.

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What would Coolidge say now about taxes? Not a lot. He has been dead for eighty years.

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@kesgardner @HuffPostPol Hey, who knows. Maybe on the campaign trail he’ll forget about the Appalachian trail…

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A couple recruited for Mars mission? I know some couples I’d like to ship away.

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@Lileks yeah just ask the fifteen year old indonesian cousin who lives in my fiancĂ©e’s house and prays to the iPhone gods.

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@ezralevant the dark side of feminism. If women can do it all, men who love their kids must be sidelined

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Curiously the sun came up today and yesterday after . What now President Chicken Little?

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Israel launches Palestinian-only buses. When will we launch Muslim-only airlines and abolish TSA?

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@rsmccain thank you sir. I promise I am a “character.”

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Not trying to be a jerk here, but CPAC is kind of lame anyways.

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GoProud edit? Is it just me or does NR seem like it is run by a pack of RINOs? Mike Walsh, Mark Steyn, & Andy McCarthy excepted, of course.

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@wanttruth my grandfather, Real admiral and navy cross winner is buried there. I make a pilgrimage everytime in dc.

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We Catholics are at the end of our Pope.

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Free Mubarak. Topple Muslim Brotherhood.

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JamesOKeefeIII If Woodward’s emails change “threat” context, just imagine the discoverable lies if all journalists released their unedited source material.

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JamesOKeefeIII We can wonder about Woodward being threatened by top govt officials, or I can just write a book about the last three years of my life.

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