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April 10th, 2013

While the Cold War struggles were extremely important, we have new struggles & should move on from the ’80s nostalgia. We’ve work to do yet.

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@Toure isn’t racist but he once racially profiled his own wife, who is Lebanese “soon he spotted Miss Nakouzi, whom he assumed was Indian.”

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Latest issue of The Claremont Review of Books. Yours truly made cover.

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@Gavin_McInnes @greggutfeld Don’t worry @Toure isn’t a racist. He’s got lots of white friends… at MSNBC.…

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rjmoeller This. Is. Insane. - “Chicago Store Owner Robbed, Shot, Fights Back With Baseball Bat”…

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Come on people @Toure isn’t racist for writing anti-white things back at Emory. I mean, he’s got lots of white friends. You know?

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@rjmoeller And on that note, allow me to thank you for everything you have done for me!

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Gavin_McInnes Hey celebrities with political opinions, can you please Google them first?

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Real reason @Toure et al hate @llcoolj is that he’s a Republican bad ass who once beat down a robber, not a preppie elitist wannabe.

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joelpollak For the record, @repweiner did not resign because of a racy Twitter pic. He was forced to resign because he lied about it and blamed others.

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Once a GOP pol gave an important speech to Howard University. His name wasn’t Rand Paul, but Calvin Coolidge.

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@brianmdoherty Hey Brian, can you help me get in touch with Pat Buchanan for a story I’m writing? Thanks.

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Odd that @Toure’s co-hosts on the Cycle— @secupp, @krystalball, @AriMelber—haven’t weighed in on his racist, anti-white past views.

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@Stevie_Rob You still need to call me.

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“He’s the Magneto to my Professor X.”—me on how I actually described a foe to a friend. What is wrong with me? I’m geeking it up.

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It is hilarious that @SandraFluke lives in West Hollywood.

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@Toure went to a majority white prep school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I attended same school but only for high school.

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JammieWF Rand Paul: Heavy marijuana users can ‘lose I.Q. points; eat too many Doritos’…

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Do I have to trade in my conservative card if I admit that @repweiner would be a better mayor than Christine Quinn?

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MSNBC fired Patrick Buchanan for his racial views yet @Toure is still there for his racial views. No wonder MSNBC doesn’t want to comment.

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James O’Keefe calls out Mother Jones over secret taping hypocrisy… via @TwitchyTeam

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Thank you so much, @DennisPrager for having me on your show. I can’t wait to meet in real life with my fiancee and your wife. Thanks again.

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@builderboyaz @DennisPrager Thank you very much. It’s amazing what Coolidge still has to teach.

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