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Fresno, L.A., up in the air

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April 16th, 2013

The trauma surgeons in are without peer. Rest assured, the body count would be much higher were they not the finest in the world.

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End of days? Pro-choicers questioning wisdom of abortion? Yankees not sucking and being kind to ?

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It seems a special crime to sever the legs of a runner, like cutting off the hand of a concert pianist. The figures should that.

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The trauma physicians in are without peer. Without them, the body count would be much higher.

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Lincoln on abortion? “As I would not be aborted, so I will not abort.”

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Horrified that the Saudi national was a student at New England School of English, which is near my parent’s old shop in Cambridge.

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l_whittington Ex-Rep. Jean Schmidt was near finish line in . “I’ve never been so close to death or witnessed it.”

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Obama: “Don’t rush to judgment about Muslims who attack us often. Rush to judgment about people who dislike taxes who have never done so.”

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