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May 11th, 2013

marklevinshow Welcome, Washington Post. Better late than never….

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Orwell was wrong. The two-minutes of hate was far too short. How long is an MSNBC segment anyways?

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If it were true that a “low-level” employee made the decision to target conservative groups, why hasn’t his name been released?

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billhobbs If you believe a “low-level” IRS employee made the decision to target 300+ conservative groups, you’re a moron. via

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Yeah it’s just totally paranoid to worry about the government making a list of people w/ guns in light of the debacle. No worries here.

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@anangbhai What about The Wolverine? That looks good, too.

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was terrible and so was . Why must these movies suck lately? Am I… aging?

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@AlyonaMink Hi. I have a question for you about Adam Kokesh for a story. Can you do DM?

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@adamkokesh Hi Adam. I’d like to chat with you for a story I’m doing about your civil disobedience march. Got a second?

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@MattGarrahan I’d like to ask you a question about a Lunch with the FT story you did. Do you have a moment for a DM?

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Name-Calling College President Called Out for Ideological Bigotry, Lack of Commitment to Intellectual Diversity……

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