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September 16th, 2013

Here’s a thought: If our soldiers & sailors can carry guns abroad, let them be armed at home. It might cut down on this.

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@BoSnerdley Pleasure to make your acquaintance, James. Thanks for all the mentioning of my work that you guys do!

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Is Aaron Alexis our first mass shooting conducted by a black who speaks Thai? Inquiring minds want to know.

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TheOnion [American Voices] “When are Americans going to finally learn how to properly spot Muslims?”

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SnakebiteJones More great work from @ChuckCJohnson: Meet the ‘moderate’ Syrian sheikh young think tanker wants us to adoptā€¦

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Billionaire’s Failed Education Experiment Proves There’s No Shortcut To Success via @Forbes

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You know what’s really racist? Guam & American Samoa can’t compete in but Puerto Rico, DC, and U.S. Virgin Islands can.

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DennisPrager On tomorrow’s : Gary Wolfram, Professor of Economics & Public Policy at @Hillsdale on why everyone needs to understand basic economics.

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