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September 30th, 2013

BGTX_Wilco From @jeremybird: @JoaquinCastrotx is matching donations made to Battleground Texas. Donate here:…

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How are you supposed to become an expert in 10,000 hours if Obamacare forcibly reduces your hours?

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@amandacarpenter I have a story related to Senator Durbin’s question to Ted Cruz that I need a quote for. Can you help?

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Coolidge recognized Armenian genocide long before it politically fashionable. RT Asbarez Armenian News via @ShareThis

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@DanaRohrabacher Congressman. Can I interview you on your speechwriting with Reagan re: his citation of Coolidge?

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Creepy government workers. RT D.C. Staffers Turn To Craigslist To Score Their Booty Calls… via @BuzzFeedAndrew

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This is a pretty funny send up of RT Breaking Badly—A Comedic Short/Parody… via @YouTube

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iowahawkblog How awesome is the movie The Searchers? So awesome it inspired both Star Wars and Breaking Bad.

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MichaelJFell Biden: ‘One Senator Is Running The Show In The Republican Party’ @BreitbartNews

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