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November 12th, 2013

If Obamacare is a train wreck then James O’Keefe & the Project Veritas may have derailed the train. Let’s hope it stays off track.

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Paul Volker to Coolidge impersonator who told him that Coolidge died in ’33, “That’s too bad.”

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Too funny RT Hitler’s health insurance is cancelled by Obama. via @YouTube

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I don’t know if the liar Bill Clinton feels my pain but he wants me to keep my insurance so he’s better than the liar Barack Obama.

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CoryBooker As a kid I had a crush on Lt Uhura RT @KiiillaCam Doing a presentation on u in leadership class, anything out of the ordinary I cud mention?

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JonahNRO So if there are 50K fed navigators (…) that means they’ve averaged one sign up apiece.

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KenLaCorte Good Howard Kurtz piece: Accused shooter’s attorneys create sideshow by targeting Fox reporter…

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“Don’t get screwed by Obamacare, find a Sugar Daddy today!” But, what about those of us who are married?…

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It is kind of rich for Bill Clinton to talk about “honoring” anything.

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Clinton was good prez becuz his education was as gov. of state w/ Tyson & Wal-Mart. Obama’s state senate district’s big product is welfare.

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The navigators sure lack a moral compass. Must watch video from @JamesOKeefeIII & @Project_Veritas.…

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JamesOKeefeIII Senator Cornyn responds to @Project_Veritas video by saying the Navigator Program should stop immediately.

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SenTedCruz Are Obamacare navigators encouraging fraud? Must watch and share video:…

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The navigators sure seem to lack a moral compass.

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Let’s talk fairness: the hippy generation (which didn’t have insurance) is forcing the Facebook generation to buy more expensive policies.

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SnakebiteJones @ChuckCJohnson You are surely missed in SoCal but definitely missed in Santa Ynez :(

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It is snowing here in NYC. I miss LA.

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