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December 2nd, 2013

First Amendment issues? RT Parents Enraged After School Tampers With Students’ Cell Phones | Parenting - Yahoo Shine…

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CELL VIDEO | Shopper Breaks Out Stun Gun During Black Friday Battle…

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Legalized Prostitutes At Nevada’s Bunny Ranch Back Obamacare « CBS Las Vegas

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Vandals caught on camera trashing Oklahoma man’s Christmas display just days into holiday season…

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Two Black Thugs Wearing Trayvon Martin Get Up Rob Store at Gunpoint Caught on Tape: via @YouTube

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marniemix Oil Company Caught On Video Illegally Dumping Fracking Discharge In CA

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bonnie_mccall Stay classy GR 👌

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NRCC Click this link. Seriously, click it. TMZ caught Democrat Rep. @JoeGarcia on a beach with a mystery woman in a thong.

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NRO ‘Electric Cars Up in Flames: A List’: Tesla, Chevrolet, and Fisker have all produced cars that caught on fire.

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Bloomberg is attacking for golfing during train crash but Obama isn’t for golfing all the time.

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DanSWright @ChuckCJohnson EXCLUSIVE: Chris Christie’s Lobbying Records @KevinNR

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Call me cynical but Amazon Air Delivery might just be a marketing attempt right around Christmas. Earned media is amazing sometimes.

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I bought an ethernet cable at Wal-Mart at 3 AM in the ghetto. It was a lot of fun. There were lots of children.

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VIDEO: University using terrorist Bill Ayers’ book on race to teach freshmen via @campusreform

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