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December 6th, 2013

@RobGeorge @DanSWright Sure and that’s wrong too. He didn’t sing a song about killing the Palestinians or Brits.

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@RobGeorge @DanSWright I missed part where Martha Washington tire necklaced her opponents in high school.

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The fact that Nelson Mandela’s terrorism is seen as bringing down apartheid emboldens Arab terrorists who wrongly see Israel as equivalent.

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I support helping white Afrikaners leave SA — now the rape capital of world— for USA under asylum laws.

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AdrianaStuijt @marietjiemm @ChuckCJohnson Yes he did. As did Mbeki. As did Zuma. And the killing of whites continues to this day..…

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When you glorify terrorists like Mandela upon death you make it harder for would be Gandhis & Martin Luther Kings to espouse nonviolence.

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AdrianaStuijt @ChuckCJohnson Dutch article: was no peacemaker but a mass-murderer”…

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@SSKuzwayo He ordered hit from prison. Historical record is clear.

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What does it say about modern South Africa when all but one of the white recipients of the Nobel Prize have left it in fear?

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Nelson Mandela is on film singing about killing all whites but we who point this out are apparently racists. Huh.

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Never forget that it was capitalists who defied apartheid’s stupid economic policies that ended apartheid, not communist murderers.

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KevinNR MK Gandhi: “There are many causes for which I am willing to die, but none for which I am willing to kill.” Nelson Mandela: “Well … “

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