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December 23rd, 2013

SooperMexican next Obamacare model —> RT @FakeSamRosado: Oh FFS. RT @MyWhiteNinja @hboulware @FakeSamRosado

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Please stop telling me not to work during the Christmas season. I love my work & don’t want to stop ever.

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NPR has puff piece on Qatar. I’m sure they aren’t getting any money from the wealthy gas rich nation.

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@SnakebiteJones @HarveyLevinTMZ Maybe I should just go to the office after the holiday.

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You could actually be convicted of “gross indecency” in the UK? Scratch that country off the list. Unless it means something else…

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Young Couples Moving Back Home To Save Money For Baby « CBS Miami

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SconsetCapital Why in the name of God… RT @guan: Tipping your Senator or Representative for the holidays? You can only give $50…

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I have loved firing AK-47s everytime I can get my hands on them. What a shame that their designer is no more. RIP, worthy Stalinist foe.

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Posthumous pardons are rather queer and postmodern.

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@SnakebiteJones I would love to give @HarveyLevinTMZ a huge story but he’s too busy apparently to take my tips.

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Murdoch on Muslim cousin marriage.… He remains a militant free-marketeer and is still pro-war (grudgingly, he’s…

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AnnCoulter And still managed to wreck the country! Obama Took More Vacation Than Average Private-Sector Worker 20 Yrs on Job -

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This story is amazing. He can’t help himself, can he? RT De Blasio staffer ‘shacking up with ex-boss Spitzer’

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