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December 30th, 2013

GaltsGirl @jamespoulos I’m not sure that’s possible with massive welfare expansion kinda being top of left priority lists. I like my money.

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WATCH: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Advises Ministry Crowd to Marry Girls at ’15 or 16’ Years Old… via @Mediaite

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@forewit @JGcountry01 Tagg Romney actually did something rather than make it up.

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forewit Funny how Tagg Romney didn’t get the same superhero treatment that Cory Booker received from MSNBC.

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How quickly the hash tag is becoming a pity party of .

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Maybe if de Blasio continued stop and frisk he’d find out which drugs his daughter Chiara was doing.

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capitalnewyork De Blasio won’t elaborate on Chiara’s drug and alcohol abuse

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99Owlie Meanwhile in
“My work here is done”

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@PredPol How does someone interview you for an article?

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Who knew that Dagestani terrorists were so opposed to Billie Jean King coming to Russia for Olympic festivities? Those homophobes…

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After Volgograd & Boston bombings, maybe we shouldn’t be settling people from Dagestan in America.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here & say that Russia’s bid for the 2018 World Cub in Volgograd isn’t going to happen.

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Odd seeing the same people who lauded Mandela condemning terrorist attacks in Volgograd.

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State_Control You can’t condemn the bombings AND fawn over .

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