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January 19th, 2014

COuld someone please explain to me what the show is really about? And yes, of course, I’m caught up.

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@gabrielsherman should probably be fired for Ailes book. I count five major mistakes at least.

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I usually don’t speak poorly of fellow authors but @gabrielsherman’s book really failed to deliver. I wanted to know the real Ailes.

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Obama’s admission that he thinks those of us hate him because he’s black should end the view that Obama will compromise with “his enemies.”

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iowahawkblog Racism to blame for drop in my approval ratings, says guy with 98% African-American approval ratings…

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Obama ‘I would not let my son play pro football.’ I thought Travon was dead?

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So now he has a secret son? RT ‘I would not let my son play pro football’…

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@Gus_807 It’s from the National Affairs article on doctors. Not sure if it is true or not.

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