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February 14th, 2014

Queen_V1216 @ChuckCJohnson GE Charles! Just passing by 2 keep in touch & Happy Valentine’s Day 2 U 2. See U around tweet U later!

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Francis Underwood is the name of Wendy Davis’s first husband.

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KevinNR Tom Perkins has a point:…

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“The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.”- Frederick Douglass, who turned 196 today.

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Today, in 1779, James Cook was killed by cannibals.

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SnakebiteJones @ChuckCJohnson I’d tell you to read The Bell Curve but I think it’s been banned. @sarahknapton

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Gavin McInnes defends the autistic! RT In Defense of Bronies…

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@BobLitan Sure is but showing politics as a cynical game isn’t in the interest of the party that once offered “Hope” & “Change.”

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Is intelligence written in the genes? | via @Telegraph

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House of Cards has damaged the Democratic brand more than Fox News could ever have dreamed.

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“What I love best in man is definiteness of position … My God how I adore some people who stand right out in history w/ distinct meaning.”

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Delingpole quits Telegraph ahead of UK launch of | @MrSteerpike » Spectator Blogs

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Today the American people, whether they know it or not, are mired in a silent war.—Governor Bobby Jindal at the Reagan Library.

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