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March 3rd, 2014

First Palin was right about . Next she’ll be right about death panels in .

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Put yourself in Putin’s shoes. He signs a port deal with a democratically elected govt. That govt falls. Russians in Crimea are backing him.

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Hey, Obama. Read some War & Peace. “History” doesn’t have sides; it only has victors. knows this. That’s why he’s winning.

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SecretsBedard So true… @HarveyLevinTMZ just said that he, and the rest of the media, so need Hillary Clinton as prez…after he did story on Bubba-grrls

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talkradio200 @greggutfeld: Telling a tyrant he’s on the “wrong side of history” is like telling a bank robber he doesn’t have a bank account.

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johndankosky Best correction ever. RT @Slate: @Slate CORRECTION: This photo is of Javier Bardem, and not Vladimir Putin.

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