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March 26th, 2014

I am planning a Spring trip to Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. If you’d like to meet up, let me know.

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I wish more rich young Americans would travel throughout America rather than meet other wealthy young people abroad.

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RBPundit Picture if you will, the “broader meaning” of this attack had the professor been a leftist.…

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SaltsGreg Are Koch brothers on ballot in your town? Seems Dems are running against them

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Paul Ryan’s response to losing the presidency in ’12…is to remake the country so that GOP will never win.

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I was mocked when I said Paul Ryan was a terrible pick for VP. Events have only proven me more correct.

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No, New York City’s top high schools aren’t ‘segregated.’ They are just filled with high achievers who happen to be mostly Asian & white.

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I support decriminalizing all drugs but it is obvious that Democrats consider legalizing weed part of the strategy for political control.

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Murdoch empire’s travails are very much like King Lear. But après Murdoch le déluge…

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It’s odd that Obama worries about a nuke hitting NYC when he has spent years of his life since college trying to destroy America’s nukes.

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@politicobsessed @SeanTrende because he doesn’t really live in Alaska and comes across as a phony.

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It would be nice if the NRCC or other RINO organizations would actually vet their candidates.

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This Brilliant Entrepreneur Is Making Money Off You Without You Even Noticing | Business Insider India…

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