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April 4th, 2014

Congressman Moran says he needs a raise. In fairness it is hard paying your abusive son’s court fees.

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andyroth 1. Turkey bans Twitter. 2. Turks ignore ban. 3. Turkey lifts ban on Twitter. 4. 5. Say this 3x fast.

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I showed up for my flight thinking I had missed and only just realized I was a 23 hours 45 minutes early. Whoops.

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If you think that the jury that acquitted Zimmerman won’t be targeted, just ask George Zimmerman.

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In the future everyone will read Drudge in their cars.

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RebeccaShabad Um, ENDORSE RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: There’s only one man who can replace David Letterman

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Kind of a dick move. RT David Perdue on Karen Handel: ‘High School Graduate’ | The Weekly Standard…

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