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April 10th, 2014

JonathanTamari Establishment Republicans really don’t like Steve @Lonegan - the latest example:…

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@ChrisRussell_NJ @Donkey_Tales @kerpen @NJGOP @SaveJersey Isn’t that district aid? How is that a bail out? MacArthur worked for AIG..

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replacement Sylvia Mathews Burwell burned the contents of a White House “burn bag” after Foster’s death.

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It’s time to get out my Spidey mask and hang upside…po

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@SheltonMarie I was going to say that’s not very fair to “retards” but I misread.

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Obama just nominated woman who shutdown government to head up HHS.…

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As a college student, Sylvia Mathews was ready when job interviewers asked, “Where do you see yourself in 20 years?” To work for the prez.

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replacement Sylvia Mathews Burwell helped Clintons’ cover up Whitewater as Clinton aide. She’ll fit right in at HHS.

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If you are really racist against Asians, you too can be Letterman’s replacement.

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blackrepublican Did an Indian-American Democrat just try to keep an Indian-American Republican of the ballot in California?…

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kshaidle Gavin McInnes: How To Survive Being An Asian Male…

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Pollard is the only person ever sentenced to life in prison for the crime of passing information to an ally w/o intent to harm US. Free him.

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The upside of Stephen Colbert being selected to replace Letterman is that there won’t be any more Colbert Report.

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@Gavin_McInnes Why is it sexist to point out that women and men are victims of different crimes?

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FreeBeacon Keep it up, Harry!

Harry Reid Tied to Medicare Fraudster via @AndrewStilesUSA

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Gavin_McInnes Jon Stewart is an expert on being smug about things he hasn’t looked into…

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In 1998 IRS investigated Elijah & his church for endorsing Bill Clinton 2 days before election. They were found innocent.

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@KJTorrance I’m sure the avarice businessman exists but everyone that I know loves his craft & attendant freedom.

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Every businessman is, in his heart, a servant.

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