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May 3rd, 2014

p8rlynch @ChuckCJohnson @SnakebiteJones Ironic that it appears the only males Oprah seems willing to commit to is the .

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SnakebiteJones @ChuckCJohnson Obama just made a joke about Sasha inviting Bill Clinton to speak at career day. He should have said Jesse Jackson Jr.

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@TiaraKJWilliams if blacks are worth 3/5 a white what does that mean the fine is?

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@stokenewington @RDEjunior @consmover I have. It refers to capital offenses so that must include capital punishment…

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@LesY999 @GuidoFawkes A rope is renewable, green, and can be made from hemp products. The blade of the guillotine can dull and require labor

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@ben_michell @GuidoFawkes No, society has to deliver justice, not be “better” than a savage. It already is better.

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@RuudGit @GuidoFawkes Guess I’m a cunt. Hey, I didn’t say the state should rape him. I just said it should hang him.

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Are gays worth 1/25th of blacks? The NBA says they are. Fine for f-word by Bryant: $100k. Fine for comments: $2.5m.

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@JimmyJazz1968 They can write checks 2 me at either my personal or business address. But first let me get my Klan outfits from dry cleaning.

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Kobe Bryant calls ref a “faggot” & has to pay $100,000 fine. Gays r worth 1/25th of fine, apparently. Kobe not .

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“In my opinion, they just want to draft niggers who are dumb and dumber - straight out of high school.”—Rasheed Wallace, NBA coach.

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says the NFL’s proposed idea of penalizing players 15 yds for using the N-word is “almost racist.”

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Warriors coach Mark Jackson was extorted for thousands over an extramarital affair plot. He paid her off. should have, too.

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Denver Nuggets coach Dan Issel told a fan to “go drink another beer, you Mexican piece of shit” in ’01. Still wasn’t

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ToddSeavey @NBA didn’t mind when owner had a blacks-only party w/bouncers to turn whites away… h/t @ChuckCJohnson

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Jay-Z held a “blacks only” party but Don Sterling is a terrible, terrible racist for a private chat w/ mistress. RT

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You might be a hack if you think it’s a bigger deal that someone said “mamacita” rather than opposed apologizing for lynching.

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Condi Rice compared treatment of blacks in Jim Crow to Palestinians in Judea & Samaria. Her false moral equivalence is pathetic.

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@ron_fournier @CondoleezzaRice @BarackObama Bill Clinton, by the way, has gotten paid upwards of 100k for a speech.

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@ron_fournier @CondoleezzaRice @BarackObama Definitely true. I’ve got to say, though, Rice is a lousy speaker.

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It’s sad that so many college institutions are offering neocon retreads as commencement speakers instead of real conservatives.

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@ron_fournier @CondoleezzaRice @BarackObama Which is also stupid. Snooki was paid $32k so Rice is offered $35k?

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Snooki was paid $32,000 to speak at Rutgers; Condi Rice was offered $35,000. Glad to see that there’s Bush premium in speaking fees.

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@ron_fournier @CondoleezzaRice @BarackObama The problem is that Rutgers is a state university. Why should it pay $35k?

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ron_fournier Idea: @CondoleezzaRice address Rutgers graduates and @BarackObama address Bob Jones University. Colleges should promote/produce open minds.

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Oprah once said that there are a whole lot of people that “just need to die in the South” but she’s now a legitimate buyer for the Clippers.

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Don Sterling paid $12 million for L.A. Clippers. It is now worth more than $600 million & he is forced out. Sure hope she was worth it, pal.

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Of course Sterling should have paid her off.

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htjyang @ChuckCJohnson “This is an execution, not surgery.” - Justice Antonin Scalia,…

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Capital punishment must be made awful if it is to have a deterrent effect.

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If life without parole is worth than death penalty why are there endless appeals for death penalty but not for life without parole?

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In Oklahoma, they have botched executions. In California, they put them on death row and get them fat & old.

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@quellerie @JamesDelingpole You’re right. He should have been shot and buried alive or she should have received lethal injection instead.

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Whenever I hear about lethal injection, I can’t help but think we’re treating a murderer like a bitch & putting him down. Best to use rope.

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@lee_alley @JamesDelingpole I agree. The rule of law should see to it that he hanged or was shot. Putting someone to sleep is sad.

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You might be a liberal if you think a botched execution is more worthy of comment than his having twice shot & buried his victim alive.

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Whenever I am told to check my privilege I gently remind my interrogator that we’re all privileged to be alive.

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The Top Three Offices

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gerfingerpoken @ChuckCJohnson 204- (IBD) ’s Big Fat Lie: Emails Coaching Not About -

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You aren’t allowed to wonder anything or have private conversations unless they have been approved by the sensitivity committee.

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If you’re not OK with government illegally recording your calls why are you OK with gold digging mistresses illegally recording them?

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