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May 19th, 2014

”I don’t have a problem with what he did,” said Representative Devin Nunes in favor of John Boehner mocking conservative against

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Rep. Devin Nunes says that Justin Amash is “al-Qaeda’s best friend in Congress.” How does he know? Did he ask al-Qaead?

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When Jill Abramson defended Anita Hill at Lake Forrest I couldn’t help but laugh about how ridiculous the NYT is.

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irritatedwoman NYT Publisher: Here’s Why Jill Abramson’s Salary Was Less Than A Male Editor’s

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washingtonpost CIA says it’s done using vaccination programs as a cover for spy operations

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I long for the day when commencement speeches actually said something of substance.

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tunkuv Moody’s hearts Modi

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“If the U.S. government wants us to do it, I’m glad to try to get it going again,” Joe Schmitz said on intervening in Syria. Oh man.

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Great piece by Bret Stephens RT Bret Stephens: To the Class of 2014

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TeaPartyExpress Evidence that Thad Cochran has been in DC too long: When he was first elected in 1972, @TheRock was just born!

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How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other | Business | WIRED…

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It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood.

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The Weekend Interview: Angling to Be the MasterCard of Bitcoin

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Give $250,000 in Bitcoin, Get Second Citizenship:…

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If we had listened to Shinseki at beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, we wouldn’t have the mess. We would be better off out of Iraq.

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